The SCUBA Diving experience can vary greatly from the Jersey Shore to the Caribbean to the Local Quarry and the St. Lawrence River.  Below is a description of how a standard dive day will proceed on board The Regular with Captain Jack's Charter.  On days when we have an open boat, standard procedures will generally apply.  If you and your group charter the boat for exclusive use, we can modify our push-off times and locations substantially based on your needs and our availability.  As always, if you have a question, do not hesitate to ask.

Dock Departure Times
8:30 AM and 1:00 PM from Blind Bay Marina, 115 Blind Bay Road, Hammond, NY 13646
Load In
It is expected divers will be at the boat a half-hour before departure to load in gear and receive a safety briefing.
The Regulator loads easily from its port side.  We have bungee cords on-board to secure tanks.  There is plenty of storage under the seating to stow your gear bags and boxes.
Sail to first dive site
The sail from the dock to the Keystorm is about 20 minutes.  Being a river, there is no wave action and divers will not get seasick or need to take any medicines or wear any patches.
Keystorm - 1st Dive Site
After we tie off to the buoy at the Keystorm, the pool is open.
Divers have an easy entry, taking a simple giant stride off the back of the boat.
Click Wrecks - Keystorm for details on the dive site.
Returning to the boat is easy with a SCUBA Ladder mounted at the rear of the boat.
You may climb the ladder with fins on or off.
We are here to help - take off any gear - fins, cameras, etc. - and hand them up to our crew before climbing out of the water.
Sail to second dive site
The America is only a 10 minute sail from the Keystorm.
You can relax during the commute or start switching over your gear to your second tank.
The Regulator is always stocked with Ice, Water and Snacks for all divers, free of charge, for re-hydration and replenishment during surface intervals.
With this wreck being in the middle of the St. Lawrence River Channel where your Captain moors The Regulator just outside the channel boundaries, you will have the opportunity to view Singer Castle where the wreck of the "America" which you are about to dive on lies in the middle of the channel right in front of Singer Castle. You may also have the opportunity of viewing some of the very large Lakers and Ocean going tankers that make their way up and down the beautiful St. Lawrence River.
America - 2nd Dive Site
Once we arrive, you may either enter the pool immediately or continue your surface interval until you have cleared enough time for your dive plan.
You can read about the America wreck under the menu Wrecks - America
Sail back to dock
After all divers have returned to the surface, it is a quick 10 minutes sail back to the dock.
Depending on the length of your groups dives, we usually return to dock 2.5 - 3 hours after we depart
Vehicle access to load/unload
You can back your vehicle to within 50' of The Regulator.  This allows for simple loading and unloading of heavy SCUBA gear.

Three-Tank Day

The itinerary for a 3-tank dive is Keystorm, continuing up-river to the Vickery, then back to the America.
Departure time is 10 AM (arrive 9:30 AM) with a return to Blind Bay Marina approximately 4:00 PM.

Night Diving

Captain Jack's Charters also offers both Twilight and Night diving on all the wrecks we regularly dive.  There is nothing as amazing as diving the America first during the day, then coming back at night and seeing it again with just your lights.
Proper primary and backup lighting is required of all divers performing night dives.
Special package pricing is available for those doing a Day and Night dive in the same day.  Contact us for details.

Dive Gear

The Regulator carries the following items to assist in your diving experience:

  • Extra Weights
  • Basic Tools
  • Tank O-rings
  • Spare emergency use Mask, fin, BCD